Transforming organisations with the arts

Creative Clash is a European platform for advocating increased policy support for artistic interventions in organisations.

What are artistic interventions?
Artistic interventions take place when people, products, or processes from the world of the arts step into organisations in order to support or accompany changes, stimulate creativity and innovation as well as to improve working conditions and skills development.

The aims of Creative Clash are three-fold:
• Develop organisations in sustainable and innovative ways through artistic interventions;
• Bring art and culture to new arenas; and
• Develop artistic methods by being present in new arenas.

Through this pan-European collaboration we will provide more depth as well as clear arguments for artistic interventions in organisations. We will share our knowledge and tools for convincing private and public sector policy makers, managers, and union representatives of the enormous potential that artistic interventions in organisations offer to Europe’s economy and society. The long term objective is to establish a European platform for cross-sectoral policy dialogue bringing together cultural actors, intermediate organisations, private and public organisations, social partners, and researchers throughout European society.

Creative Clash consists of 5 core partners: Tillt in Sweden, c2+i in Spain, 3CA in France (three producers of artistic interventions*), Social Sciences Research Center Berlin (WZB), and KEA European Affairs, and as well as a series of associated partners.

*Producers of artistic interventions are specialised in linking together the different sectors, bridging the gap and developing understanding between the actors in order to generate more value with artistic interventions. They act as a buffer between the world of the arts and the organisation, thereby allowing provocative clashes to take place and channelling the energy towards a positive development and growth both for the artist and for the organisation. Their objective is to enable true and deep cross fertilization.

2 thoughts on “Transforming organisations with the arts

  1. It is nice to find people like you
    I am working as independent consultor and my job is to bring together artists and organisations.
    We offer them the oportunity to improuve team groups and creativity in orther to innovate.
    We offer them artistic workshops to paticipate with artists in a specific project
    Beside, we work in international projects to overcome cultural barriers between diferent countries. One of our initiatives is bettween Spain and Turkey., to improve commercial exchanges.
    Can we cooperate in somme way?
    This is our blog Gent Creativa in Spanish
    Santiago Guillen

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